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To start your path to becoming a sorme cosmetics certified makeup artist, you must:

› Fill out this application and email it to
› Once you submit your application, you will receive an unlock code to the Sorme MUA Curiculum and by using Product Knowledge handbook, you will be able to schedule your Skype exam when you feel that you have mastered both.

› You will then have a live educator go over some of the material with you, via Skype and do an oral exam to assess your knowledge of the material.


SormÉ Treatment Cosmetics pRO tIPS videos

Achieve Beautiful Glow Using Sorme Cosmetics Blush by Kelly Schubel

Sorme Professional Skincare cosmetics was developed with the makeup artist and skincare professional in mind. Every product has been developed to accomplish a primary goal: To make available a high grade professional quality makeup line that can be used on all clients without the risk of causing any undesirable reaction or side effects. This has been the Sorme advantage... Makeup artists around the world have trusted their work and reputation to our entire range of quality products for over twenty years.

Smokey Brown Taupe Eye look for fall Sorme Cosmetics by Kelly Schubel

Kelly Schubel, Makeup artist and educator for Sorme Cosmetics is sharing some of her tips and tricks in creating the perfect Smokey Brown eyes in this tutorial