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Visit our Youtube Channel for the latest tips and tricks from the professionals
Visit our Youtube Channel for the latest tips and tricks from the professionals

Heal as you conceal with Sorme Treatment cosmetics.


Sorme Professional Skincare cosmetics was developed with the makeup artist and skincare professional in mind. Every product has been developed to accomplish a primary goal: To make available a high grade professional quality makeup line that can be used on all clients without the risk of causing any undesirable reaction or side effects. This has been the Sorme advantage... Makeup artists around the world have trusted their work and reputation to our entire range of quality products for over twenty years.

As influential clients would recognize our unmistakable square pencils, they would also in turn become a loyal Sorme professional user, and even though you may find department store brands used sparingly in public, the sorme products would have been the ones used more frequently! Sorme is the makeup artist's professional secret, now available to you!

the Sorme Professional difference is not only in choosing the finest ingredients, made in the United States and Germany, but also developing unique packaging that has the professional user in mind. All Sorme Professional products have been thoroughly tested and perfected by professional makeup artists to accommodate their constant use.

This level of scrutiny creates a product that is not just manufactured by some marketing executives and lab technicians, but the correct end user that provides us with the best feedback on our products.

Sorme Professional Skincare cosmetics relies on the expertise of today's top makeup artists and skincare professionals to develop some of the most innovative products available. From our entire range of cosmetics, to our complete skincare line, The Sorme Professional Skincare cosmetics group strives to be ahead of the mainstream.

Thanks to our relationships with US based laboratories and packaging companies, we are able to produce and bring to market innovations in the cosmetics and skincare categories much faster than the Conglomerates.